Golf Etiquette

 Dress Code

Proper Golf attire is required at all times for Members and their Guests. Proper attire is limited to slacks, collared shirts, skirts, Bermuda shorts, and soft spike golf shoes. Shorts should measure to a maximum of three (3") inches above the knee. Cargo shorts or pants, and denim are not permitted at any time. Golf and other caps must be worn with the bill facing forward and shall be removed in the clubhouse. Shirts must be tucked inside trousers.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are permitted, however we ask that good judgment be exercised with their use. This includes turning them to silent and refraining from their use in the dining rooms.

Pace of Play

The Golf Committee recommends that players follow USGA rule 6-7 which states that players shall play without undue delay and in accordance any pace of play guidelines. The Golf Committee has designated that a reasonable period of time for completing a round of golf be within 4 hours.

Golf Course Employment

If you are interested in a position with the grounds department, CLICK HERE for an application.